UCAES Spring Program


This Sabbath (Saturday), join us as we participate in worship service with our Elementary School students. The UCAES students have been hard at work planing and preparing this inspiring worship service. Students will share God’s talents through music, instruments, and the upper graders have also written a drama for the morning message entitled: “The Worst […]

UCAES Outdoor School


During the week of May 4-8, grades 5-8 from Upper Columbia Academy Elementary School (UCAES) spent the week at camp Mivoden for their annual outdoor school. For the entire week, students had the chance to learn in God’s classroom of nature, bond with their classmates, spend time worshiping together, and participate in fun-filled activities while […]

Amanda Goad: Dry Bones


Some dreams are happy, some are sad, some are downright frightful. The biblical prophet Ezekiel had a dream that appears at first to be quite frightening! As he follows God’s instructions, the dream becomes something of purpose. This Sabbath (Saturday), Chaplain Amanda Goad shares with us the important details about Ezekiel’s vision of the valley […]

The Cure for Worldliness


The science of modern medicine has given us cures for a multitude of diseases. Many of us have benefited from the blessings of a physician’s care. Unfortunately the relief from physical ailments comes at a price to our pocketbook. What about spiritual maladies? We cannot get away from the effects worldliness has on each of […]

Monument Valley Mission Trip Report

Krista and Cindy at monument viewpoint

A mission trip to Utah doesn’t sound like much of a sacrifice, but in reality there are many missions right here in the USA and even right in your own neighborhood and home. In this week’s church service, Pastor Jon invites participants of the Monument Valley Mission Trip to share their experiences, and memories.  In […]

Grandparent Weekend


Join us this weekend for Upper Columbia Academy’s Grandparent weekend. Grandparents and families of our academy students will be our guests this weekend as they have the chance to interact with their grandchildren and experience academy life. Vespers begins Friday night in the church at 7:30 pm. Sabbath School and Church worship service will be […]

Where to Find Faith When You Have Nothing Left

Mustard seeds in a wooden spoon

It is so powerful a speck can blow away mountains, so essential that we cannot please God without it, yet so rare that when the Son of Man comes, He asks, will He find it. By nature we do not have it. Where then do we get it? In the sermon, “What Holds the Cord?” […]

Monument Valley Mission Trip Nears Completion

A Navajo girl rides her horse near Monument Valley

The church mission trip to Monument Valley Mission is nearing completion this week. Twenty church members and students have had a very rewarding and successful spring break in southern Utah as they have been helping with the Adventist mission to the Native Americans there. “I love the Navajo culture,” says Kendall Everett a trip participant […]

Building a Life that Lasts

Photo by Brian W. Tobin

This Sabbath (Saturday), guest speaker Paul Hoover shares the morning message. Pastor Paul is the lead administrator for the Upper Columbia Conference and has had a lifetime passion for ministry. His message this morning will be describing the details of building a life with Jesus that lasts. As Jesus was teaching He told this parable: […]