Shining for Jesus


If you could go to a place where you were at total peace, where all your needs were met, where you felt love, acceptance, security and significance–wouldn’t you want to stay there? In this sermon, guest speaker Volody Nesteruk shares how you can find that place and stay there forever.  That place is in the […]

Are you Shining for Jesus?


This week UCA Church welcomes Pastor Volody Nesteruk to our worship service.  Pastor Volody is the senior pastor of the Spokane Linwood Church and the Slavic Adventist Church.  His sermon, titled “Shining for Jesus” teaches people how to live as the chosen people that God intends us to be.  The Bible declares (1 Peter 2:9) that […]

Being Changed

budist idol statues

Idolatry. Typically understood as an issue for worldly pagans during Bible times. So, then it shouldn’t be an issue for modern Christians, right? Wrong. On Sabbath (Saturday), September 13, Pastor Jon explores every human’s bent towards worship of self. As the idols of selfishness are exposed in your own heart, you might realize you need […]



Did you know you have a part to play in this earth’s final moments?  Ever wonder what God wants from you in these last days?  Dr. Marvin Gee, retired dentist, farmer and end-time student of the Bible, shares what he has found in the Bible about God’s specific plan for each of us and how He wants us […]

Be the Change


On Sabbath (Saturday), August 30, Pastor Jon presented a sermon entitled, “Be the Change.” This is the theme chosen by the student body leaders this coming school year at Upper Columbia Academy. It is much easier to sit on the sidelines and scoff and complain. We don’t want to get involved – why? Maybe we don’t want the […]

We Hauled!

We Haul T-Shirt

On Academy registration day August 24, UCA Church members helped returning academy students move into the dorms. Several church members wore their we-haul t-shirts as they spent a few hours hauling student’s belongings from their cars to their dorm rooms. The students and the parents really appreciated the help. With so much to do on registration day it is […]

Conclusion to “The “Adventist’s” Series


Sabbath (Saturday), August 23, 2014 – Pastor Jon concluded the “Adventist’s” sermon series with discussing a true Seven-day Adventist (No, not a typo, it really says SEVEN-day Adventist). Over the past month, we have discovered the inner workings of different types of Adventists. We looked at the secret to being a Glad-ventist, and then how […]

How to Help Fire Victims in Central Washington


The month of July was a very difficult time for families in Central Washington as wild fires devastated much of the area.  Some of our Adventist members in our sister churches in Brewster, Pateros, Twisp and Okanogan County were victims and some lost their homes. We are thankful for the help of some of our members who went […]

The Heart of the Mad-Ventist


On Sabbath (Saturday), August 16, Pastor Jon continues the sermon series on “The Adventist’s” and shared how at times he can be a “Mad-ventist.” Many people can identify with the emotion of anger because it is a quick reaction and happens to everyone. But is it possible to be an Adventist and angry? Or what […]

Avoiding the Camp of the Bad-ventist

Happy family of four.

Sabbath (Saturday), August 8, 2014, Pastor Jon preached the second sermon in a series called “The Adventists.” The previous Sabbath we discovered the secret to what it takes to be a “Glad-ventist” in the crazy world around us. But on this Sabbath, we learned how to avoid the camp of the “Bad-ventist.” Often we think that being a border-line […]