Where to Find Faith When You Have Nothing Left

Mustard seeds in a wooden spoon

It is so powerful a speck can blow away mountains, so essential that we cannot please God without it, yet so rare that when the Son of Man comes, He asks, will He find it. By nature we do not have it. Where then do we get it? In the sermon, “What Holds the Cord?” […]

Monument Valley Mission Trip Nears Completion

A Navajo girl rides her horse near Monument Valley

The church mission trip to Monument Valley Mission is nearing completion this week. Twenty church members and students have had a very rewarding and successful spring break in southern Utah as they have been helping with the Adventist mission to the Native Americans there. “I love the Navajo culture,” says Kendall Everett a trip participant […]

Building a Life that Lasts

Photo by Brian W. Tobin

This Sabbath (Saturday), guest speaker Paul Hoover shares the morning message. Pastor Paul is the lead administrator for the Upper Columbia Conference and has had a lifetime passion for ministry. His message this morning will be describing the details of building a life with Jesus that lasts. As Jesus was teaching He told this parable: […]

Be Still: He is God

Red Sea

In the face of calamity, it is easy to lose hope. Be it a life-threatening disappointment, or even something as little as the proverbial spilled milk. Emotions can range from depression to anger and everything in-between as we go through crisis. Typical reactions include a desire to do something to remedy our situation. It is […]

UCA India Mission Trip Seeks Funding for Eye Clinics

Girl from India

An extremely valuable opportunity recently presented itself to the Upper Columbia Academy mission trip to India this year.  Organizers of the trip are seeking the help of church members and the community so they can act quickly and finalize the plans. “Prior to this week, we had not even hoped to be able to provide […]

Be Still: Know


It takes effort to develop and build a friendship, but too often we don’t have that necessary commodity – time. God’s love for everyone of us is unfathomable, and He longs for a meaningful friendship with all of His creation. But that is difficult if we “don’t have the time.” This Sabbath (Saturday), we continue […]

Pathfinder Bible Bowl


This weekend, February 21, Upper Columbia Academy has the privileged of hosting the conference Pathfinder Bible Achievement, AKA Bible Bowl. Pathfinders from around the region will be on campus on Sabbath to challenge each other in their Bible knowledge and skill. Those who answer well will move on to the next level at the North […]

Choral Clinic Weekend


This Weekend, UCA has invited all junior academies to participate in the annual Choral Clinic. Over 100 students along with their music teachers have taken the time to rehearse and participate in this weekend event. Students have an opportunity to experience academy life for a few days as well as contribute to the concert taking […]

Be Still: Listen


In the busy schedule of everyday life, it seems like there is never enough time. Our calendars are full, our to-do lists are never complete, and our days are cram-packed. Too often it feels like the more we do, the less we accomplish. But God’s wish for us is to stop doing. He encourages us […]

Learn to Bake Bread Like a Pro with Rob Beaton

Bread rising in a cast iron pan

Rob Beaton, Food Service Director and Pastry Chef Extrordinaire at Upper Columbia Academy, will be teaching a hands-on baking class, February 26 or March 5, from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. for all who would like to learn. This is a great opportunity to gain baking knowledge from a world class chef, who has been featured on […]